Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Most Annoying Things....

The most annoying things happened to me last two nights. As my family and I went to KFC restaurant situated in a shopping mall somewhere around Kuching, there was an annoying customer standing right behind me at the counter.

My husband and my dotter went to reserve our table and I was standing alone in front of KFC counter, to order food of course. Suddenly came this one annoying person standing right behind me. She came closer and closer until she stood almost beside me. My shoulder to her hmm....chin?? And I can hear clearly when she opened her mouth to talk.

Omigosh! Doesn't she know how to queue?? She kept on standing there and picking up orders on the counter without really care how I felt. I spoke loudly, "Sampey juak dekat nya tok berdiri belakang aku!" And guess what? She just put on deaf ears and talked loudly right beside my ears to her son.

No readers, she is not an elderly person, she was around 30 something. If she is indeed an elderly person, maybe I can consider the age factor. I got pissed off and I tried to block her view, hmm....guess what? She still didn't take the hint.

How stupid can she be?? Gosh! I even stomped my purse on the counter but still.....humphhh!! Then my order came, I paid the bills and I purposely block her way to the front of the counter for a few minutes. Serves her right! But still....I think she still didn't get it. Huh!!

Then, I enjoyed my meal with my husband and dotter. Second most annoying thing happened right after my husband went out to smoke. A waitress came stomping her shoes with a basket to put all the ketchup bottles in. She threw the basket on a few tables in front of me, and she pushed all the chairs rudely.

I don't know her problem of course, but how do you feel as a customer that is in a process of enjoying your food yet a dumb, rude and moody waitress ruined your dinner with her irritating manner. Not just pushing chairs rudely annoyed me, she almost threw all the bottles in the basket, and that created an irritating noise. As if she wanted all those who are present to know that she is in a bad mood. (OK, I'm in a bad mood here. So, anyone STILL want something from me?? Wanna try your luck??).

I wonder, didn't they being trained first before? Being trained on how to serve customers, how they should control their manners, work ethics and such? Or that woman is a dumbo??

I wonder......

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shoes 4 U...

Apa guna kasut?

Tetak ko oh....tetak ko nengar soalan aku ohh....

Kasut ialah salah satu keperluan pakey alas kaki. Mun sik berkasut pegi ke pasar, urang dah nangga lain. Mesti lam palak utak sidak mikir, "Waras wes mangan ka urang tok sik berkasut?" Mok sik mok, kita mesti berkasut. Lain urang lain citarasa kasutnya. Kinek tok macam-macam jenis kasut dapat ditangga kita sama ada tengah dipakey urang atau didisplay kat pasar nun. Ada urang suka makey kasut tinggi, kasut rendah, kasut besar, kasut kecik. Depends ngan selera masing-masing la nak.

Apa kenak ari tok aku bercerita pasal kasut? Sebab aku tok tengah heran. Dalam banyak-banyak kasut, apa kenak la ada juak urang mok makey kasut pelik-pelik? Lam palak utak aku tok sik ada lain, urang nok makey kasut pelik-pelik tok aku terus cop "Attention Seeker". Tol sik? Ngakuk jak sia, bukan tegal style ka, kacak ka, rugged ka.

Jadi, khas untuk orang-orang yang attention seeker ya, aku present kasut-kasut yang CONFIRM akan jadi attention siney-siney kitak urang pegi.....

For those who has no transport, this pair of shoes fits you perfectly...
*grinning sheepishly*

Hmmmm.....fits for a person who is still looking for a perfect pair of shoes for her wedding. Attention for the bride will be absolute!

Avoid this shoes if you love your feet...khekhekhe...takut berlobang tumit kaki.... :P

Bagus iboh jak makey kasut tok...bagey urang sik berkasut.

Hmm....perfect for a lazybee! 2 in 1 kasut ngan long pants.

Berguna masa banjir. Sik kaki basah.

Kasut pakey klaie tok. Konfirm opponent berlubang-lubang kerjanya.

Kasut kaki binatang pun ada.

Kasut paling special yang aku boleh kerat jari aku mpun (arumbulak) mun urang sik merik full attention ngan kitak urang mun makey kasut tok.












Tok sapa palak deras boleh ngembak kasut tok berjalan di pasar.

P/S: All pics taken from

Jangan mare yerr, aku cilok sikit jerr....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy, Very Busy, Very very busy....

Busy busy's the time of the year. Twice a year I will be very busy yet I still have a teeny weeny bit of time to update my blog (Ada ka urang baca blog aku? I wonder....)

My busy time is around February - March and April - June. The peak time is around June because that is where we have to prepare for our AGM every year. And I still have lots to settle yet I am still fooling around. Please slap me! Err....never mind, thank you, I'll slap myself.

Actually, I have a video to upload, but I have to ask for my hubby's permission first because it was his. Guess that you guys have to wait, okes.

Okay then, I have to go. I'll try to update as soon as possible that is when I am not in a busy mode. Ciao!