Friday, May 22, 2009

About Tea and Coffee...

Tonight I got a very interesting information from my aunt regarding tea and coffee. She taught me how to brew tea and coffee the right way. Sebelom tok, aku main hentam keromo jak ngancor aik teh ngan kopi ya. So, I am very thankful to my aunt for giving me some new things to learn. Well readers, I would like to share this very important "life threatening" information and useful knowledge to you.

How to make tea the right way :-
Boil water of course, :p, wait for approximately 10 minutes AFTER it seethes, then put teabags or tea powders or tea leaves in the already warm water...voila! With or without sugar, you decide. The taste of tea will be different, it will tastes better and you will live longer I tell you meh... (ehehe...a little bit of exaggeration)

How to make coffee the right way :-
Brew the coffee powder mixed together with water until it seethes. Then you can put sugar or drink it without sugar..erk!! Pahit ooo....

Coffee making and tea making are two totally different things. So, do bear it in mind.

Why did I say "life threatening" information? Feel free to read this article:

Drinking very hot tea or coffee can cause cancer
Sunday, 29 March 2009

You may be gasping for that freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee, but waiting five minutes before drinking it could save your life.

Researchers have found that a taste for very hot drinks may be linked to cancer of the oesophagus and that the risk of contracting the disease may increase eightfold as a result of drinking tea hotter than 70C (158F).

The oesophagus is the tube that carries food from the throat to the stomach and such cancers kill more than half a million people around the world every year.

In Europe and America it is usually caused by smoking or alcohol, but a study published in the British Medical Journal found that there was a particularly high incidence of the disease in northern Iran, where smoking and alcohol consumption is low. The people of Golestan province do, however, drink large amounts of very hot tea - at least 70C.

Researchers studied the tea-drinking habits of 300 people with the cancer and a group of 571 healthy people from the same area. Compared with drinking warm or lukewarm tea (65C or less), drinking it at 65-69C doubled the risk of esophageal cancer, while drinking it at 70C or more was associated with an eightfold increased risk.

Drinking tea less than two minutes after pouring, rather than waiting four or five minutes, led to a fivefold increase in the risk. There was no correlation between the amount of tea — after water the most widely consumed drink in the world — and the risk.

In an accompanying editorial, David Whiteman, from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia, said: “We should follow the advice of Mrs Beeton, who prescribes a 5-10 minute interval between making and pouring tea, by which time the tea will be sufficiently flavoursome and unlikely to cause thermal injury.”

Britons may also take comfort from the fact that most of us prefer our tea at between 56 and 60C.
//03.28.09 MiNa

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Hafiz AF7 Won!! Victory!!!!

As I predicted. Hafiz AF7 won! Huahuahauauh....bangga gila pok. Malam konsert, first time dalam hidup aku, aku nervous gila nangga urang announce siapa juara dalam pertandingan menyanyi tok. Any singing competition selalunya aku sik kisah gilak sapa menang actually...tapi this AF7, it had to be Hafiz! Wahhh...adakah aku telah menjadi fanatik? ekekeke.....sikla...just that..he deserved to win and he won...that made me so happy.

Lepas konsert, I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear like a cheshire cat. Nak tido pun susah, still pun, I am in a happy mood even though I am still having problem with my new computer....Hafiz really make my day! Thank you very much Mohd. Hafiz!!

I am still waiting for his new song "Masih Jelas" to be on air..... Hello radio!! Where is Hafiz's song???? Sikkan sekali jak kot... gimme more!!!

Enjoy the victory!!!

P/S: Lucu la Aril ngurut perut Hafiz...ekekekeke....he's funny la... Anyway, Aril is also a good performer, he is also talented and he deserved to be in second place.... janganla pertikai pasal AFMasuk lagik... he deserved di AFMasuk... kesian Aril, dahla lagu finalnya "Toksik" ya ntah apa2 ntah....

Sorry to pencipta lagu... tapi to be frank, lagu ya jaik... Aril sik patut diberik lagu jaik kedak ya. Kesimpulannya, students AF7 sik patut diberik lagu jaik hoccay!!! Suara 5 students AF7 ya ada kelebihan masing-masing... jangan la diberik lagu-lagu jaik kedak ya.. mun sik pandey molah lagu, iboh gago2 nak molah lagu hoccay!!

Emosi la pulak aku.... bukan apa, kesian aku ngan sidak ya, especially ngan Aril & Yazid... diberik lagu ntah apa2 ntah... sik tauk la mun ada urg suka ngan lagu ya... :P

Hafiz AF7's Final Concert...

His first performance...."Kau Bunga Cintaku"

His OWN song! "Masih Jelas" --> very very nice y'all!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Akademi Fantasia Nostalgia.....

Hi readers! Aku nak bercerita pasal rancangan realiti Akademi Fantasia. Since AF1 aku memang dah sedia maklum pasal rancangan tok, tapi aku sik pernah nangga AF1 sebab rumah aku sik ada Astro masa ya. Ehehehehe....aku start nangga AF masa AF2, ya pun sekejap nangga, sekejap isik, AF3 pun macam ya juak...sebab masih belom ada Astro gik. Cuma dengar urang berkelakar ajak pasal AF. Aku tertanggar AF pun kat rumah mentuaku (masa ya bakal mentua la...sebab masih bergerex..ehehehe..)

Start AF4, mak aku melanggan Astro, masa AF4 la aku start nangga AF, tapi ya pun sekejap nangga, sekejap isik...tapi banyak nangga daripada isikla..masa ya...sorry to say, macam dull jak...dunno why...

Then, di follow oleh AF5 & AF6, timbul sikit2 minat. Tapi konsert final AF6 aku boleh tertido la pulerk..sampey ari tok aku belom nangga gik ulangan final konsert AF6 ya...also dunno why...ada minat tapi masih kureng...

Now, it's AF7...dunno why I never miss the concert (realllyyy???), except for one particular concert sebab aku kursus ujung minggu ya...tapi aku dapat nangga ulangannya la..even mun boleh, diari AF7 pun aku sik mok miss except for minggu2 last diary tok, aku fed-up dah nangga diary...lebih ke provokasi, drama dan kontroversi jak...menanahhh mata nangga...

You know why I don't want to miss AF7's concert? Sebab ada HAFIZ! A young and talented boy from The Land of Hornbill, yang ada aura, ada standard dan ada ciri-ciri seorang ikon, dengan kekuatan vokalnya, his good manners (hope that he will maintain it) and Hafiz ada that X-Factor yang dicari2 oleh seorang penghibur.

That was AF7...Back to the previous AF guys...dalam banyak2 performance in setiap AF, performance ney yang masih melekat di hati dan still terngiang2 di telinga you guys? For me, they were : -

AF1 = none

AF2 = Bob (Salam Terakhir & lagu Cinta Seorang Teman (his own song at final concert...I still remember that I hold my breath when he sang that song...and I still remember Adnan Abu Hassan tried to hold his tears, Kudsia Kahar cried, even Aznil Nawawi cried).

AF3 = Mawi (Seroja & Aduh Saleha)

AF4 = Farhan (the English song...warrgghhh!!! Why I can't remember the tajuk?!!! Tapi aku masih ingat Farhan received standing ovation, she was wearing a blue dress...anyone knows the tajuk?)

AF5 = hmmm....none

AF6 = Nadia (Total Eclipse of The Heart)

AF7 = setiap lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh HAFIZ! (exaggerate...muahahahaha)

Tunggu la aku try ingat the song title that aku lupak....I'll update later, okes!

Hafiz AF7's 9th Performance...the best ever!!! I Believe I Can Fly!!

Hi guys! It's been quite a while since I've updated this blog. Sorry, my schedules were quite hectic this week, I had to update all my work for there will be a Board of Directors' meeting tomorrow.

FYI, I just got a new set of computer!! Yiihaa!! Well, it is company's computer of course. Sadly, along with the joy for having a new set of PC, I also got a few problems by having those thingy. The MOST important system that is my accounting system could not install (ayat tergantung di sana. Whatev!). I don't know what's going on but I think the original CD got some problems. I saw at the back of the CD, there are scratch marks everywhere...gosh!! And also databases for cheque writing could not be derived from the server into that new PC for there were some setting error in networking. What am I going to do? Matilaaa ini macam oooo....all my hard work...:(

I'll think about it tomorrow la! Back to the main point. AF7 usual, I was tongue-tied by Hafiz...well, HE'S GOT TALENT!

I Believe I can Fly by Hafiz...the best performance ever...yet. Ehhehehe...I'm looking forward for final concert this Saturday!! I hope for the best from Hafiz!

Laskar Pelangi from Hafiz...quite entertaining, but I still vote for 'I Believe I Can Fly' song that were performed at it's BEST by Hafiz so far!

But.............there is one particular student that managed to capture my attention....

I'm Yours by Akim....mesmerizing with his simple gesture but very confident on the way, the song was very very truly suitable for his range of voice.

Last but not least, one more clip...bonus songs...

Lagenda by AF7 Students!! Well done guys!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Best Statement of The Year from Hafiz AF7!

Watch this video closely. Bukak telinga besau2, tutup mulut, bukak mata besau2...concentrate on minutes 8.56.

Yeahhh!!!! That was really something! The BEST statement of the year!!! Padan muka Angelina, the stupid talking camera, especially to the person in charge of being "the angelina". Menannnaaaahhhh telinga nko. Huahuahauau.....

Another thing that really ticked me off:-

Angelina The Stupid Camera : Mane yang lain?

Isma : Dah balik Sarawak.

Angelina The Stupid Camera : Haa?? Itu sorang lagi dari Sarawak tu tak balik ke?

Miss Ida Gorgeous : Oiii!!

Hafiz : Haih! Sampainya hatimu.....(singing)

Angelina The Stupid Camera : Yelah, kawan2 lain dah balik. Kenape die dudok situ lagi?

Hafiz : Saya eh, dok sini lagi?

Angelina The Stupid Camera : Haa!!

Hafiz : Manerla saya tahu kan...

Angelina The Stupid Camera : Harap rambut besar je...kepale tu besar ke?

Hafiz : (Tergelak) Chicken....

Hafiz, bukan chicken laa....cibai sebenarnya si Angelina ya...huahuahuahuhua....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ting tong!!!

Dear readers! I have reattached the once removed video clips. Enjoy!!!

Ting tong!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hafiz AF7's 8th Performance - P. Ramlee The Musical

.................... aku kehilangan kata-kata.

Such a gifted voice. I don't know what to say. I lost all my words when I heard Hafiz sang this song. I was hypnotized when I first saw him performed.

Ooo...Hafiz, siney ngoleh loar ya? Ikikiki.... reminds me of Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee maser muder-muder dolu. Coincidentally, P. Ramlee's hair was also curly.

Anyway dear readers, sediakan tissue banyak-banyak, then you can watch this video clip. and my 'exaggeration'.